Consultation 2012

Consultation of drafted documents  by work groups was held:

  1. With the summoning of 8 public Thematic National Assemblies, one for every strategic sector, according to the following calendar.
  2. Through e-mail correspondence and observation requests to focused mailing lists, proposed by the National Council and work groups. Operations management of the consultation was overseen by the organisational secretary with responses forwarded to the respective work groups.

In succession, the dates of the past Thematic National Assemblies have involved participants from sectors considered most important for the development of a green economy in Italy, energising meetings and exchanges of views to formulate proposals and fulfil ideas.

3rd July 2012 Development of sustainable mobility

12th July 2012 Development of efficiency and energy saving

20th July 2012 Development of eco-efficiency, renewable materials and waste recycling

24th July 2012 Development of eco-innovation

6th September 2012 Development of ecosystem services

14th September 2012 Development of renewable energy sources

18th September 2012 Development of agribusiness based on ecological quality

25th September 2012 Development of sustainable credit and finance for the green economy