The Event 2014

The 3rd edition of the States General of the Green Economy, a two days event dedicated to the green economy in Italy, were held on 5th -6th of November 2014 at Ecomondo-Key Energy in Rimini.

They were dedicated to the theme “The development of green enterprises: the way out of italian crisis” which has been addressed from different points of view: the European and International experiences,  seven parallel sessions on various strategic themes for a green economy involving more than 100 speakers, the vision and the initiatives of Italian companies.

The platform of proposals presented in Rimini is made up of concrete measures for the growth of a green economy in Italy and has been elaborated through an assessment carried out by hundreds experts in 10 work groups and by the consultation of relevant stakeholders in National events during the year.

States General of the Green Economy 2014
“The development of green enterprises to find the way out of the Italian crisis”

November the 5th-6th, 2014 | Ecomondo-Key Energy-Cooperambiente  | Rimini

Opening session – November the 5th | 10.30 – 13.30


  • Gianluca Galletti – Minister of the Environment
video recording | Gian Luca Galletti 
  • Edo Ronchi – National Council of the Green Economy
video recording | Edo Ronchi 
  • Mauro Pisu – Senior Officer, Economic Department, OECD
Slides: "Green growth and competitiveness |pdf| 
video recording | Mauro Pisu
  • Kurt Vandenberghe – Director Environment, DG Research & Innovation, European Commission
Videomessage: Kurt Vandenberghe |link|
Afternoon session – November the 5th | 15.00 – 18.00
Parallel thematic sessions:
  1. Eco-agrifood in urban green belts: towards EXPO 2015
  2. Ecoinnovation and enterprises competitiveness
  3. Natural Capital: accountability and responsibility
  4. The Economics of Recycling of waste: economic dimensions, problems and proposals
  5. Climate and Energy: towards Post-Kyoto Agreement – Paris 2015
  6. Sustainable management of water resources: towards a National Plan
  7. From Carbon to Environmental footprint: state of the art, European guidelines and future prospects for Italian firms


Closing session - November the 6th | 9.00 – 13.00

9.00 Reports on the parallel thematic sessions

Speeches of:


  • Giuliano Poletti – Minister of Labour and Social Policies
  • Vincenzo Soprano – CEO, Trenitalia
  • Pietro Colucci – President and CEO, Sostenya Group
  • Maurizio Marcelli – Director Environment, FIOM-CGIL
  • Andrea Bianchi – Director Industrial Policies, Confindustria
  • Catia Bastioli – President, TERNA SpA and CEO, Novamont SpA