The Event 2012

The States General of the Green Economy, two days dedicated to the green economy, were held 7th -8th of November in Rimini and suggested a “road map towards sustainability”, outlined by the 70 proposals drawn up in the lengthy participative process.

After numerous thematic meetings of eight work groups, along with the participation of 1000 experts, the proposal “A development programme for green economy to help Italy exit the crisis” was agreed upon, a declaration for a development programme that was presented to the Minister of Environment and the Minister of Economic Development, and representatives from government, manufacturing groups, political groups and civil society, as well as debated with representatives from the OECD and the EU.

With more than 1,500 participants, around 40 speakers, and two ministers, the States General of the Green Economy have confirmed that the new green economy in Italy forms the most innovative sector, creating employment, fighting the recession, and promoting the country in international markets.

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