The development programme will be transmitted by way of a constant dialogue presented in the forthcoming months, with the objective that the  Environmental Minister and the Minister of Economic Development produce an green economy stimulus package as a way out of Italy’s economic crisis.

The discussions on the proposed programme take place:

  1. In work groups consisting of representatives from organisations that represent green economy businesses,  individual companies, representatives  from civil society and of experts from the field.
  2. With the summoning of 2 public Thematic National Assemblies and various national events in preparation for the States General of the Green Economy on the 6th-7th November 2013 in Rimini.
  3. Through the consultation of work groups under the competent direction of the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Economic Growth.
  4. Through e-mail correspondence and observation requests to focused mailing lists, proposed by the National Council and work groups.
  5. Through the online publication of the green economy measures and incentive package: “A Green New Deal for Italy”, expected after the States General.