Observatory on the ecological transition of the Italian economy and companies

Activities of the Observatory
The Observatory on the Ecological Transition of the Economy and Companies, as part of the initiative of the States General of the Green Economy 2023, implements a survey of the development potentials, in the domestic and foreign markets, of significant technological innovations, already in the stage of industrialization or production, used by Italian enterprises, for the achievement of at least one of the following purposes of a green economy:
1. development of circularity of production processes and products
2. carrying out regenerative activities of biological and nature-positive resources
3. contribution to decarbonization in the field of production and use of renewable energy sources, storage systems, production and use of green hydrogen, energy efficiency and energy saving
For each of these three purposes, the Observatory identifies some significant technological innovations, analyzes them, assesses their development potentials, summarizes an evaluation of them, and helps to disseminate them, making this information available to all stakeholders and aiming to enhance the role of Italian companies in the ecological transition to a green economy.
Both to identify these significant technological innovations used by Italian companies and to assess their potential for development, the Observatory employs a Board.


Components | Board

Edo Ronchi, President – Foundation for Sustainable Development

Stefano Laporta, President – ISPRA

Roberto Morabito, Director of the Sustainability Department of Productive and Territorial Systems – ENEA

Franco Cotana, Chief Executive Officer – RSE

Francesco Petracchini, Director Institute on Air Pollution – CNR

Gaia Ghirardi, Head of Policy & Sustainability – CdP

Fabiola Riccardini, Head of Sustainable Development and Wellbeing Unit – ISTAT

Alessandro Monteleone, First Researcher – CREA

Ketty Vaccaro, Head of Wellness and Health Area – CENSIS

Katia Da Ros, Vice President Environment – Confindustria

Barbara Gatto, Head of the Department of Environmental Policies – CNA

Simone Gamberini, President – Legacoop

Gianna Fracassi, Secretary General – FLC CGIL

Fabio Fava, Head of Scientific Committee – Ecomondo

Edoardo Croci, Professor – GREEN Center, Bocconi University

Fabio Iraldo, Professor – Sant’Anna University of Pisa

Massimiliano Mazzanti, Director – SEEDS Interuniversity Center

Mario Motta, Professor, Energy Department – POLIMI

Fabrizio Tucci, Director, Department of Planning, Design, Technology of Architecture – Sapienza University of Rome

Massimiano Tellini, Head of Circular Economy – Intesa San Paolo Innovation Center

Daniele Di Stefano – Circular Economy.como – EconomiaCircolare.com