The event 2020

Recovering from the crisis with the Green Deal – A new phase for green economy in Italy
3rd and 4th November 2020, Ecomondo – Fiera di Rimini

The States General of the Green Economy this year comes to the 9th edition and will take place on 3-4 November, during Ecomondo. It represents the annual event for the green economy sector and this ninth edition will be dedicated to “Recovering from the crisis with the Green Deal – A news phase for green economy in Italy” and will focus on opening a direct dialogue with the Parliament and the Government, through specific guidelines proposals for the Italian Plan to use fundings from the “Next Generation UE” Recovery Plan, as supported by data in the 2020 Report on the State of Green Economy in Italy, with the aim of helping to translate the potential of the new context into measures for the development of investments, in its various aspects and sectors, to be implemented in the short term for the recovery of the Italian economy and to consolidate a framework of reference for the necessary reforms. The European economic relaunch project, the “Next Generation EU” Recovery plan focuses on the Green Deal, in the awareness that, while we face the emergency, we must not let grow other threats to our future. The Green Deal is confirmed as the way to achieve a stronger and more lasting recovery in Italy because it enhances its best potential. Green-oriented companies are now a very consistent reality. All these conditions define a favorable framework for the opening of a new phase of the green economy in Italy: a new leadership and an essential leap forward in quality.



Recovering from the crisis with the Green Deal – A new phase for green economy in Italy
Presentation of the 2020 Report on the State of the Green Economy “A new phase for green economy in Italy: measures and necessary reforms for a quantum leap” and dialogue with the Government and the European Commission


Governments and companies in the new global scenario
International discussion about the Green Deal between institutional representatives and Italian businesses and companies


3 November 2020

  • GREEN CITY SESSION | Financing urban regeneration as a pillar of the Italian Recovery Plan
  • CIRCULAR ECONOMY SESSION | Circular economy measures in the national recovery plan
  • AGRIFOOD SYSTEM SESSION | Opportunities for the Italian agrifood system in the Green Deal

4 November 2020

  • ENERGY AND CLIMATE SESSION | Italy for Climate Roadmap to target funds of the Recovery Plan
  • SHARING MOBILITY SESSION | Lesscars: next generation mobility